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Are you concerned that your DVD’s are being ‘ripped’ after they have been purchased from you?

We can protect your copyright with the most recent technology available to DVDr duplication.  Your dvdr video discs will not be able to be burnt on home computers any more.

You will not lose money in sales by customers making extra unauthorized copies at home.  The best part is that this is, very affordable, and well worth the investment in your product.

Without going into specifics, there are both hardware and software constraints in the recording process of your master DVD.   All your copies thereafter will have two levels of protection, making them doubly safe.   While no one can be given a 100% lifetime guarantee in this industry, the copy protection renders home computers incapable of pirating your discs.

Call for a demo dvd and quote - 1800 358 746. or 03 9690 6800

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